Dr. Bajarang Kumar Rauniyar


“To develop a treatment plan suited to each patient’s needs, we work with them to understand their condition.”

The Doctor


Talking about his academics, Dr. Rauniyar completed his MBBS degree from Kathmandu Medical College & Teaching
Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal, which is affiliated to Kathmandu University (KU) in 2006. After that, he had his one year internship in various departments of Kathmandu Medical College & Teaching Hospital. Furthermore, he completed his MD degree form Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSSMMU), Bangladesh in the left two phases.

Experiences & Associations

With all the experience and expertise in the field of Endocrinology,
Dr. Bajarang Kumar Rauniyar is currently working as a Consultant
Endocrinologist and Diabetes, Thyroid and Hormone Specialist. Dr.
Bajarang is available at STEM CENTER (Sugar, Thyroid,
Endocrinology and Multispeciality Center), Battisputali,
Kathmandu and Om Hospital and Research Center in Kathmandu.
On weekends, Dr. Rauniyar also visits some other polyclinics
outside of the valley.


Diabetic & Metabolic

Dr. Bajarang specializes in treating diabetic and metabolic conditions, offering personalized care, cutting-edge treatments, and holistic approaches to optimize health and well-being. Schedule a consultation today.


Calcium & Bones

Dr. Bajarang provides exceptional care for calcium-related disorders and conditions. With his expertise and comprehensive treatment options, he strives to restore balance and promote optimal health. Book your consultation now.

Sexual & Reproductive

Dr. Bajarang specializes in treating conditions related to sexual development, function, and reproduction. With his expertise, he offers personalized care and advanced treatment options for optimal sexual and reproductive health. Schedule a consultation today.

Growth Disorder

Dr. Bajarang offers exceptional treatment for growth disorders, providing personalized care and advanced therapeutic interventions to promote healthy growth and development. Schedule a consultation for comprehensive evaluation and management.

Thyroid Disorder

Dr. Bajarang provides expert treatment for thyroid disorders, offering comprehensive care and advanced therapies to restore thyroid function and promote overall well-being. Schedule a consultation for personalized treatment options.


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